The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) was passed by the California State Legislature and signed into law by the Governor in 2014. SGMA’s intention is to ensure successful management of groundwater resources at the local level. Achieving success requires local agencies with the necessary expertise and resources along with the active engagement of public stakeholders in the development and implementation of long-term sustainable groundwater management activities. SGMA required local public agencies, or a combination of local agencies, to form “Groundwater Sustainability Agencies” (GSAs) by June 30, 2017.


In our area, the Delano-Earlimart Irrigation District, Richgrove Community Service District and the Earlimart Public Utility District have joined together to form the Delano-Earlimart Irrigation District Groundwater Sustainability Agency (DEID GSA) to meet the requirements of SGMA. The DEID GSA covers all lands within these agencies, which is approximately 65,000 acres in size. It includes the state-designated severely disadvantaged communities of Earlimart, Richgrove and the Rodriguez Labor Camp. The California Department of Water Resources has designated the DEID GSA as the exclusive agency that will manage and direct the area’s compliance with SGMA.

Groundwater Sustainability Plan

The next steps in complying with the new law will be the development of a “Groundwater Sustainability Plan” (GSP), which will identify and implement specific actions that will achieve groundwater sustainability within the DEID GSA. The plan is currently being developed and is scheduled for completion and implementation not later than January 31, 2020, as required by SGMA. The GSP’s development and contents is the responsibility of the local GSA but must be approved by the state and demonstrate the ability to achieve the state’s goals for groundwater sustainability.

  • Section 1: Introduction – DRAFT (download)
  • Section 2: Basin Setting – DRAFT (download)
  • Section 3: Sustainable Management Criteria – DRAFT (download)
  • Section 4: Monitoring Network – DRAFT (download)
  • Section 5: Projects & Management Actions – DRAFT (download)
  • Section 6: Notices & Communications – DRAFT (download)

Groundwater Sustainability Plan Comments


Public Involvement

Stakeholders and other interested parties are encouraged to get involved. Here is what you can do to be a part of this important process:

  • Sign up for our DEID GSA newsletter and other future notices: Provide us with your email address so that we may add you to our notification list. This is the primary way we communicate with stakeholders about SGMA.
  • Participate in our public outreach meetings: You can be a part of shaping the future of groundwater pumping in the DEID GSA by participating in Stakeholder Group and other public outreach meetings that are periodically held. Watch for notices of those meetings.
  • Help spread the word: The DEID GSA continues to seek additional opportunities to communicate and engage with stakeholders and interested parties in the DEID GSA. We ask your assistance with spreading the word about our implementation of SGMA within the DEID GSA. All interested parties can contact either the irrigation district of the public utility district to be added to our stakeholders or interested parties list.

Meeting Notices

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Presentations, Technical Reports, and News

You may access available presentations, technical reports, and other news about SGMA, the DEID GSA, and the DEID GSP here.

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