For Growers

Grower Login

Growers are encouraged to create an on-line account. With an online account growers have access to

  • Placing a water order
  • monitoring water use by turnout
  • seeing when a turnout was last read
  • access to current and past water billing statements
  • historic water use by turnout from 2007 forward

Growers also have the option of completing and submitting annual water applications online

Water Policies & Applications

All DEID water deliveries must be preceded by an accepted “Application for Water” that is completed by the water user. The application shall be completed in full for the particular land or lands under the applicant’s ownership or control for which water service is being requested. Applications cover the water year, beginning in March and running through February.

Water policies are adopted annually by the Board of Directors. these policies set the rules and regulations for the for the delivery, acceptance and use of DEID water supplies.

Water Rates

The District Board of Directors establishes annual water rates at the beginning of each new water year based on available water supplies, water costs and other factors. Please contact the District office for current water rates.

Lift Zones Rates

Lift charges are assessed on a per acre-foot basis for water delivered that requires pumping. Lift charges are established at the beginning of the new water yearby the board of directors.

A map of lift zones may be accessed by clicking on the link below. Please contact the District office if you have any additional questions regarding lift zones locations & charges

Supply Prorates

The Friant Division water supply vary from year-to-year. With little or no annual carryover storage available in the federal friant system, the water supply to the District is dependant on hydrologic conditions that make up each year.

With the largest Class 1 water supply under contract (108,800 acre-feet) and a smaller less-firm Class 2 contract (74,500 acre-feet), along with other potential water sources, DEID is well positioned to provide significant surface water supplies to its water users in most years. However, that is not always the case.

In years where there is an inadequate surface water supply to meet the total demand in the District, a water supply “prorate” is declared. In such years, the available supply is equally split among all eligible acres in the District.

To see if the District has any current prorates in effect, please visit the News & Notices page.

Land Based Assessments

The District has established land-based assessments that fund ongoing expenses including capital expense and improvement projects. assessments are billed annually and are collected in two separate installments. the first installment is due no later than December 20th, with the second installment no later than June 20th